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MyMiss 18K Gold Plated Silver Butterfly Elf Collection Baroque Natural Pearl Four-Leaf Clover Earring

$71.99 $79.99
SKU: ER-MM0474

We have run out of stock for this item.

  • Metal butterflies and irregular baroque pearls complement each other for a contrasting charm.
  • The toughness and elegance of metal texture and pearl luster makes unique. 925 Sterling Silver ear post.
  • The butterfly approximately 0.95 X 0.65 cm (0.37 X 0.26 in), the diameter of each rhinestone is about 0.10 cm.
  • Natural Baroque flat pearls approximately 1.50 X 1.80 cm(0.59 X 0.71 in). Natural pearl may have natural lines and color spots.
  • Gift box is included.

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